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Construction in Healthcare Outlook 2023

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3 July 2023

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Ireland’s healthcare facilities are ripe for innovation. Be it retrofitting existing hospitals or constructing new state-of-the-art facilities, there is much work to be done - and quickly. 

Several factors - including our rapidly ageing population, urgent sustainability directives and new waves of investment - have propelled the acceleration of healthcare construction projects. 

But to build the future, we must first overcome some critical challenges. 2023, after all, has already been characterised by pervasive recruitment shortages, volatile material costs and supply chain issues, all of which are hampering project delivery across the nation and beyond.

Despite these challenges, the need for more healthcare facilities in Ireland is apparent. To realise this vision on time and while maintaining profitability, we must do things differently than we have always done. We need to recalibrate, collaborate and innovate. 

With that in mind, in our Construction in Healthcare Outlook 2023, we give our view on how to overcome today’s challenges to seize tomorrow’s opportunities and, in tandem, future-proof Ireland’s healthcare and construction sectors simultaneously.