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A career at Duke McCaffrey is a chance to unleash your potential and make a difference. Join a thriving, growing team of ambitious individuals working on some of the most ground breaking projects in the industry. If you are seeking workplace fulfilment, fantastic progression opportunities and a chance to build a brighter future, this is your opportunity. Explore our vacancies below.

There is a reason we are committed to challenging the status quo. To architect a better world, we must push boundaries and champion innovation. We are redefining the blueprint for built environments through the lens of creativity, community and sustainability.

When you join Duke McCaffrey, you become part of our team of inspirational, visionary thinkers. We are committed to helping each other grow and learn in a fulfilling, encouraging environment.

Our projects are game-changing. This is your chance to be a change-maker. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the industry’s most pioneering minds, develop new skills, and unleash your talent.

If you want to make a difference in the world and do some extraordinary things, Duke McCaffrey could be the next step for you.



To date we have delivered over 1m sqft of office accommodation, 5000 hotel rooms, 200 mw data centre facilities and 500,000 sqft of retail space


Years Independently owned

A private practice that has grown organically working with leading funds, developers and investors.


Global offices

Duke McCaffrey has opportunities to work in Dubai and the United States on major developments


Unparalleled opportunities to develop

Duke McCaffrey offers opportunities to expand your knowledge in all aspects of building consultancy

"Unleash your passions. Make a lifelong difference."

- Ronan McGee

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The next generation

We are passionate about building the future. A huge part of achieving this is nurturing the next-generation of talented individuals, who will lead our world in the years to come. Our range of internships, graduate programs and full-time opportunities empower young people and graduates to kickstart their careers and realize their aspirations. We promise you a nurturing, forward-thinking environment built on diversity, independent thought and community values. In return, we ask that you bring your determination, passion and creativity. If you have a love of learning and a desire to have an impact on the world, you have come to the right place. Explore our career opportunities here.

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Experienced professionals

We are looking for professional innovators, risk-takers and boundary pushers who know what it means to challenge the status quo. The sky is the limit for our team of entrepreneurial thinkers and visionaries. Working at the fastest-growing firm in Ireland with an expanding global footprint, you will have the opportunity to make a difference and build a better future. When you join us, you become part of a thriving, diverse community of self-starters changing the nature of construction consulting for the better. Together, we can make an impact. Explore our career opportunities here.

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Our people and culture

Unparalleled opportunities. Lifelong learning. Fascinating projects. This is a glimpse into your career at Duke McCaffrey. With our people-centric culture and future-focused mission, we empower you to be your best self, find fulfilment at work and achieve astonishing things. We are a company with heart. We understand the importance of family, community and self-care. Our fantastic range of employee benefits and charitable initiatives enable you to architect a sustainable, rewarding career with excellent work/life balance. We champion a growth mindset. There is always more to learn. That is what makes life so exciting. When you work here, you will be given amazing opportunities to grow and develop new skills. Through professional certification programs and superb training initiatives, you can realize your full potential.

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