Born from the ambition of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030

The name NEOM is constructed from two words with the first three letters form the Greek prefix ‘‘neo’’ meaning “new” and the fourth letter is from the abbreviation of Arabic word “Mostaqbal”, meaning “future”



reducing carbon in built structures by up to 60%


Million tons

of cement needed to build Neom



prefabricated components – cut waste



reducing construction vehicle emissions

Project story

NEOM is born from the ambition of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 to see the country develop into a pioneering and thriving model of excellence in various and important areas of life. NEOM aims to thrive the transformation of the Kingdom into a leading global hub through the introduction of value chains of industry and technology.


Duke McCaffrey are appointed to the NEOM framework to provide MMC Lead Project Manager support regarding the implement of MMc technologies.

NEOM is the first independent special zone within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a total area of 26,500 km2. NEOM is a state-of-the-art development that is set to become a new vibrant destination located in the north-western region of Saudi Arabia. NEOM´s ambition is to establish itself as a leading global hub that exemplifies the future of human civilization by offering its inhabitants an idyllic lifestyle combined with exceptional economic prospects. NEOM seeks to attract top talent from around the world to push the boundaries of innovation like never-before and drive the growth of this zone and its residents

NEOM will enjoy an ‘investor friendly’ governance and regulatory framework, focused on ease of doing business, and supported by streamlined visa requirements. The region will be powered by 100% renewable energy, primarily by a combination of solar and wind energy generation. The targeted economic sectors encompass a wide range of advanced technology, research, and ‘high value’ businesses, including Energy, Water, Mobility, Biotech, Food, Advanced Manufacturing, Media, Entertainment, Technology, and Digital sciences. Livability will be core to achieving the vision, objectives, and desired outcomes of NEOM.

  1. No roads, cars or emissions, it will run on 100% renewable energy and 95% of land will be preserved for nature.
  2. Only 200 metres wide, but 170 kilometres long and 500 metres above sea level.
  3. Residents will also have access to all facilities within a five-minute walk, in addition to high-speed rail – with an end-to-end transit of 20 minutes.


Client Name: NEOM

Project Value: $500bn

Our Role: Project Managers


Coming from the future, before it was even launched, this is how NEOM came about, and this is how its founder, His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, envisioned it, as he laid its foundations to be the future, an agent of progress and change. It was therefore expected that "future" be intertwined with NEOM's basic identity, its name, its values and its vision, and this is how NEOM is… from the future and to the future.


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