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Expert Witness and Contract Disputes

Some risks are difficult to mitigate and the most common disputes can be around variations and changes, delays, incomplete work or poor quality of workmanship.

In our experience this can come from lack of planning or unrealistic expectations or, as we have seen in the past few years, from situations out of our control.

As a developer or contractor, you will want to resolve your dispute as soon as possible and to do this you will require expert consultants that manage situations like this every day.

For Expert Witness support, you will also want to speak to an impartial expert who understands property related disputes and an individual which has high levels of attention to detail.

Experienced dispute resolution consultants

Driven to make a difference for our clients, we have heavily invested in our dispute resolution expertise. During the years of the Covid-19 pandemic, we supported our clients in delivering on contractual obligations - from the scarcity of materials and high demand on labour to the uncertainty of site closures, contract disputes and general upheaval. Whilst our own BCP plans have been effective, the uncertainty of enforcing existing construction contracts made it challenging for our clients.