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A game-changer for the future of construction

Resilience, confidence and adaptability are the qualities you will expect from an expert project manager.

The role of project manager has evolved to become not only the lynchpin for time, cost and quality success but also one of advisory and a client's right-hand consultant.

As construction projects adapt to new financial models, and diverse clients from investors to occupiers, it is the role of our project managers to educate, lead from the front and take on the strenuous challenges our clients can face on any scheme.

Talented project managers in all forms of construction

Our project managers are experienced and talented in all forms of construction contracts and project types. From project execution planning to procurement of appropriate supply changes through to the design and delivery of the vision originally set out by our client.

As a team we are working on some of the most exciting schemes internationally which has resulted in a vast portfolio of size, scale and project type. From a $500bn project in Saudi Arabia to new developments in the USA.

Headquartered in Ireland, we are seen as the leading project management firm for complex projects in 11 sectors.