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The future is green digital infrastructure

Ireland has seen an explosion of data center developments over the past 10 years, putting the nation on the map for providing global digital infrastructure. With over 70 data centers using 900mw of power in Ireland, 90% in Dublin, this small island hosts the top three hyperscalers – Google, Facebook and Amazon. In fact Dublin has become the largest data center hub in Europe and we are a major part of that evolution.

2022 has brought about a complete reversal of fortunes and a stark movement of inflation from as low as 1% in 2020 to +6-7% in 2021 and 2022, taking many by surprise. Example challenges include steel prices rising from €1,250 to €2,250 per tonne to concrete moving from €100 / m3 to € 150 / m3, added to this are the significant increases in the management of construction projects.

As an industry, we are, however, exceptionally resilient to these issues and the speed and scale of adaptability has been remarkable. Engineering has come alive and collaboration is born again. Our industry is finding solutions to alternative fuel sources for main and backup power generation to handle the energy crisis. Hydrogen and gas power generation on site is now being implemented on hyperscale sites.

We are developing offsite construction techniques at a faster rate than ever to deal with supply chain issues, with modern methods of construction leading the charge bringing higher levels of quality and speed to construction sites. We are attracting talent from other technology sectors who see the scale of our challenges and want to be part of the solution to deal with the endless demand for data. With a spirit of collaboration between colocation providers and end users, we could be part of the new solution turning the somewhat negative image of heavy consumers into a positive of the most advanced in technology ever in our industry.

It is important to note that we cannot keep building big industrial warehouses for infinity, it is now time to re-use, recycle and refurbish existing facilities, saving all the expensive steel and concrete and install the latest of digital technology reducing CAPEX, OPEX and carbon emissions.

Delivering on the digital agenda

We are one of Ireland’s leading cost consultants for data center design and construction. As specialist MEP quantity surveyors and project managers, we also provide insightful and accurate cost advice.

Working with the globe’s leading providers of data hosting, every one of our data center projects creates an exciting opportunity for the world’s data needs – storage, security and accessibility.

Our clients range from hyper-scalers to co-location providers and their leading international client brands require 24/7 accessibility and high levels of protection of data. Whether regenerating aging data centers whilst in occupation or building a brand-new facility, we allow our clients to keep their promises.