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Our pledges

Integrity, empathy and ethics are essential for business success and for the long-term welfare of people and the planet. We’ve channelled these values into three key pledges.

Champion inclusive economic growth

Everyone should feel the benefits of economic growth, not just a select few. Through our supply chain programs, international expansion and diverse client projects, we’re unlocking new opportunities and driving growth worldwide.

Build a sustainable future

Certified to ISO14001, our approach to sustainability aligns with achieving Ireland’s carbon reduction goals - halving our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and reaching net zero by 2050.

Protect our people and yours

A zero-safety incident record is our highest priority. It’s why we are certified to ISO 45001. We mitigate health and safety construction risks through a multi-level strategy, including Dynamic Risk Assessment protocols, Daily Action Plans on all projects and health and safety workshops.

Ardmac Cycle for Pieta House

Back in October, the Duke McCaffrey team took part in the Ardmac Cycle, for Pieta House.

Pieta House provides a free, professional, one-to-one therapeutic service for people who are struggling with their mental health and are experiencing all degrees of suicidal ideation.

The Duke McCaffrey team planned to complete the 65km cycle, but due to a wrong turn, most of them did almost 80km, with two of the team totalling 88km! despite this, our very soggy team didn't shy away from the strong winds and sudden downpours!

Cleaning up Seapoint

In August, the Duke McCaffrey came together to take part in a ‘clean up’ at Seapoint, organised by An Tasice and its Clean Coasts programme.

The Clean Coasts programme works with communities to help protect and care for Ireland’s waterways, coastline, seas, ocean and marine life.

After our health and safety induction, the day was divided into three sections. Part one was a focus on understanding the environmental impact and awareness, delving into the intricacies of our local ecosystem. In part two, we embarked on the cleaning process, picking up trash and waste to restore the natural beauty of the beach. The third part was great fun - team-building exercises to enhance teamwork skills while actively participating in the cleanup efforts.


Corporate social responsibility is closely tied to our mission to build a brighter, greener future for all. Our culture is purpose-driven, sustainability-focused and people-centered.

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A Construction Slowdown Like No Other?

Topic|18th July 2022

Ireland’s prosperity has long been driven by the country’s rich knowledge economy – a wealth of intellectual capital exercising its grey matter across the fields of high-technology, life sciences, financial services and agri-business. Having been identified as safer bets than real estate and construction following the ‘Great Recession’ of 2008, these sectors have been the […]

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A Numbers Game

Topic|5th April 2022

There is a strong sniff of serendipity about Mark Kirwan’s circuitous route to becoming a chartered surveyor and director at Duke McCaffrey Consulting. As a self-confessed numbers “nerd” with a love for balancing budgets and aptitude for arithmetic, he spent more than six years of his formative working life as a debt recovery manager at […]

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A surge in the cost of building materials is not a media myth – our direct experience evidences an increase of at least 12%

Topic|11th June 2021

June has seen a continued hike in the cost of construction materials, with an average increase of 12% to date. This two-digit climb is significant – and worrying in itself – but the detail is even more dramatic. Steel-related products, for example, have soared by up to 44%.  There has already been plentiful press coverage of […]

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According to the CIF, 18.5% of the Irish population has a mental health disorder – placing Ireland the third highest in Europe.

Topic|8th December 2021

Nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our staff. As an active member of the construction community, Duke McCaffrey supports the efforts made by Construction Industry Federation (CIF) to address the culture and stigma of mental health in the construction industry on this Suicide Prevention Day. This year’s theme is aptly named […]

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