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Ronan McGee has become the latest appointment at Duke McCaffrey Consulting

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16 January 2020

2 min read

Ronan McGee has become the latest appointment at Duke McCaffrey Consulting, moving up from his promotion to Associate Director just three years ago to Director.

Ronan has over ten years postgraduate experience working in construction consultancy and this latest promotion is a reflection of not only his attention to detail (honed as Cost Manager over six busy years) but also his focus on developing and standardising Duke McCaffrey’s core processes; enabling the business to grow yet continue to maintain the high professional standards set by the founders, Kevin Duke and Joe McCaffrey.

Ronan graduated from DIT Bolton Street with a BSc in Construction Economics and Management in 2009 and successfully completed his APC to become a Chartered Quantity Surveyor in 2015, joining Duke McCaffrey as a Senior Cost Manager in 2016. Fellow Director and Co-Founder Joe McCaffrey describes how Ronan has had a significant impact on the business since then:

"Ronan took a risk by joining Duke McCaffrey at a very early stage in our business’s life and the risk has paid off. His contributions include bringing consistent delivery to our clients’ project at a time when our fledgling business was finding its feet in every area. He established strong internal teams and attracted talented people to our business.”

Joe goes on to say: "The qualities that have contributed to him becoming a director include exceptional attention to detail, consistently delivering a very high level of service to our clients and developing long term relationships with key clients – while mentoring a young QS team along the way".

Ronan’s attention to detail has been combined with a clear understanding of the value of IT in standardising business processes and maintaining quality. Kevin Duke, also Co-Founder of Duke McCaffrey, describes how Ronan’s focus on detail was instrumental in Duke McCaffery’s development:

"Ronan had a significant impact in terms of developing processes and templates that assisted in us securing our QA accreditations at the first attempt - and with no non-conformances!".

Building the Future

Looking ahead, Joe is very optimistic about where Duke McCaffrey is going and sees an enduring future for the business:

"Ronan brings a young, dynamic and professional dimension to the business. His professionalism and consistency in delivery will be a very attractive quality for clients considering doing business with Duke McCaffrey. His new role is also great opportunity for us to demonstrate to clients that we have some serious talent within our ranks and we believe that our appointment of a young Director demonstrates that we are serious about growing Duke McCaffrey to a top tier position in the construction industry for the long term".