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Joe McCaffrey to Share Insights on GCC Data Centre Growth at GDCA Touchdown Middle East 2023

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9 October 2023

2 min read

Joe McCaffrey, CEO of Duke McCaffrey will be taking the stage at GDCA Touchdown Middle East 2023 over the two day conference in November. He will be contributing his expertise to a panel discussion titled "Investment and development of data centre assets in the GCC”. This engaging panel, which forms a part of the conference's comprehensive program, will delve into the challenges and opportunities surrounding data centre funding in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region.

On day 2, Joe will be taking part in the Panel discussion on what it takes to keep the UAE as a growing regional hub.

Touchdown Middle East 2023, the GCC's leading data centre conference organised by the Gulf Data Centre Association (GDCA) in collaboration with KickStart Europe, promises to be a pivotal event for those in the industry.

Touchdown Middle East 2023

November 21st & 22nd, 2023

at the Gulf International Exhibition Centre, Gulf Hotel, Kingdom of Bahrain

Navigating Data Centre Growth with Precision

As the CEO of Duke McCaffrey, Joe has successfully managed a diverse range of projects, gaining a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in the global data centre sector. His expertise in cost management, mechanical and electrical services, and project delivery methods has set Duke McCaffrey on a path to success, now entering new regions with the Middle East and US operations.

Panel Discussion: Investment and development of data centre assets in the GCC

Taking place on day one of the conference, at approximately 3.20pm, Joe McCaffrey will be joining fellow experts to explore this topic.

The panel will delve into opportunities and obstacles associated with investing in and nurturing data centers within the GCC region. Participants will gain valuable insights into the economic, regulatory, and infrastructure factors that make the GCC region attractive for data centre investments.

Panel Discussion: Can the UAE keep the regional hub?

Scheduled for 2 pm on the second day, this session will focus on the enduring status of the UAE as the central hub for data center development. The UAE boasts a robust history of extensive data center infrastructure and a well-established ecosystem of consultants and suppliers. This session will revolve around whether these factors are sufficient to maintain the UAE's supremacy or if there's a looming risk of another market seizing its pre-eminent position.

One of the paramount challenges confronting the UAE pertains to the availability of skilled professionals. The process of successfully delivering a data center project is fraught with risks, underscoring the importance of seeking expertise beyond the region. The search for experts who possess a track record in steering new data center initiatives from conception through construction and finalization is crucial. These individuals will serve as catalysts for expeditious innovation within the UAE.

Touchdown Middle East is the Gulf’s first regional annual conference for the data centre industry. It offers a great opportunity to gain region-wide insight into the latest trends, developments, and opportunities in the data centre market.

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